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September 16, 2010

Facing Obligations

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DC Congresswoman Elizabeth Holmes Norton

Our friends over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government have an interesting story of one Democratic Congresswoman’s voicemail asking a lobbyist for a campaign donation, seemingly as a belated form of appreciation for her previous work in the lobbyist’s “sector”.

The Big Government piece details several laws that may have been broken, provides a transcript as well as an audio link to the voicemail, and puts the story in context with an earlier story published by The Politico on House Leadership pressing “safe” members of Congress to pledge and donate to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to aid ‘at-risk’ candidates this fall.

Is there a broader context, has this woman’s voicemail message been “Sherrod’ed” – I don’t know, but on the surface this story appears bad, and so far the Congresswoman has not yet commented to the reporters of the story. Time will tell if this is an abberation or just business as usual – but this rare peek inside the sausage factory┬ámay leave more than a few voters thinking it’s time to give someone else a chance come November 2nd.

Will this warrant an investigation by the House ethics committee? I don’t know, but that committee may have their hands full with the already announced cases of Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters – here’s hoping the committee can find the time to take alook into this matter.

You can read the whole story here.


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