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September 16, 2010

Going Green – on Horseback

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Roby Burch riding Jet to Haverford School outside Philadelphia. PA

Our friends over at Drudge Report brought this story from the Philadelphia Inquirer about a high school student outside Philadelphia that rides a horse to school each day.

From the article:

Burch, a sophomore at the Haverford School, has been riding Jet, his big white Percheron, four miles to and from school since early this month. In his blue blazer and tie, jeans, boots, and spurs, he’s an urban cowboy who’s bringing the flavor – and aroma – of the West to the elite private school.

There were challenges: picking the right route to school, picking the right horse, providing for the horse during the school day, and then getting up very early for school, but Burch has overcome them all. His dad Bob and he scouted out the best route, and they decided Roby should ride Jet, a Percheron that came from Lancater, PA and is used to traffic. To provide for Jet while Roby’s in class, they convinced the headmaster (who then had to convince his wife) that the best spot would be near the Headmaster’s house, and the family helped build the corral where Jet awaits Roby’s return each night after football practice at 5:45. So far, leaving for school at 6:00 AM hasn’t been a problem.

His father, Bob, …says Roby is an excellent horseman who can take care of himself. But his mother – well, she’s a mother, so she worries.

“I always have my heart in my throat when he leaves,” she says, adding that friends in the neighborhood call or e-mail her as Roby passes their houses.

Young Roby has become the talk of the town, and for all the right reasons… Read the entire story here.


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