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October 4, 2010

Five Days in October

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Five Days in October

Five Days in October

Today marks the beginning of a five-day period wherein I will embark on a projects to create what I consider to be a reasonable little “portfolio” of research project, large and small, ranging from purely factual to fact-based-opinion pieces. This “portfolio” is intended to be the subject of an anticipated conversation with a well-known TV executive at one of the top cable news networks.

Briefly, this anticipated conversation would be the result of a series of events that included my “winning” a lunch with this same executive at a charity auction at the end of May, then having that lunch at the end of June, where a promise was made to meet again and discuss two research pieces as example work-products I was going to create. It was hoped, but in no way promised, that I might also meet with a so-called “Chief of Staff” to a major talent at this news network. I was excited by the possibilities and humbled by the offer of assistance by this executive, and I vowed to focus on these two research projects post haste, but life had other plans. (As John Lennon famously wrote, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”)

The summer over, the busy period at my part-time job passed, I am now taking a few days off from work to focus on these research projects as well as a few other topics (I have a list of about a dozen or so so-far, certainly more will be added before this week is up). The dozen or so topics will be listed later this morning, but the two original projects were to research the attacks (both current and historical) on the Boy Scouts as we celebrate 100 years of scouting in America and the history and fates of the 57 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

I invested a great amount of time crafting a research document that outlines and reviews dozens and dozens of attacks on the Boy Scouts, but the format of the information was my greatest challenge. Without a scope or defined purpose I found it hard to self-edit my effort, and the document swelled up to around 20 pages – too unwieldy for any practical purpose. I choose to call it a day, write a summation, and press on to the signers exercise, but as unwieldy as the Boy Scouts effort was, the signers effort soon started to look even bigger. There are 57 signers, so that means 57 biographies. I was in over my head, but I wouldn’t admit defeat.

Summer came and went, life got back to normal, and I started in earnest to evaluate formats and tools to contain the above research documents – I think I hit on a useful format, and a research tool to aid me in my efforts, but still time was a challenge. So then I hit on the idea of taking a few days off from work to focus on this effort, hence “Five Days in October.”

So, what are the “Five Days in October” about? Simply put, I will spend five days focused on generating work-products of various scope, and once a critical mass of pieces are created, I intend to invite several twitter friends to take a look and provide feedback – since you are reading this now, I encourage you to provide feedback on any material you find here. I’d prefer constructive criticism, but to be honest, any feedback is better than none.

Thank you for your time, I hope you find your time here well-spent, and I sincerely hope you’ll consider leaving feedback.

Up Next: The List of Topics


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