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October 4, 2010

The List of Topics

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Five Days in October

Five Days in October

Ideas for “Five Days in October” research projects:

1.) Harvest of Shame: 50 years later – Revered documentary had almost no lasting impact, what would Edward R Murrow say were he alive today? He’d feel he’s failed. Opportunity to consider minimum wages, farm subsidies, tariffs, etc. Also consider how cheap labor blocks out technical solutions (mechanical pickers, for example).

2.) How CBO scores a Bill – Go over an imaginary bill designed to give each girl over the age o 6 a pony, review all the practical issue and the imaginary savings to “cost” the bill.

3.) Price out each tax rate (10, 24, 34%) cut, not just highest tax rate

4.) Charts of taxes paid for every income level, from $0 to $1,000,000 under “Bush Tax Cuts” and under previous rates.

5.) How much will highest tax bracket save without highest tax rate “cut”

6.) Discussion of research tools (OneNote, Dual monitors)

7.) George Bernard Shaw & 1010 campaign commercial

GBS abolish constitution:
George Bernard Shaw video:
1010 Commercial:

8.) DADT implications of Rutgers gay student suicide

9.) Coverit Live overview

10.) Medicare Part “D” graph, discussion of problem, solution

11.) The Nature of Insurance – Ten People

12.) Living Wage

13.) Read Give Me A Break – John Stossel’s first book

14.) Read The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

15.) History of Boy Scouts – 100th Anniversary book

16) Signers of Constitution – all 57!

17.) Daffy Duck/Glenn Beck –

18.) how to stretch unemployment benefits
There are always folks who don’t understand the methodology behind jobless rates.
Thus, for the conspiratorial:

19.) Education
RT @elemenous: Esther Wojcicki: Superman Does Not Exist and Teachers’ Unions are Not
the Villains

Chris Lehmann: This Isn’t An Education Debate

20.) Meg Whitman – Housekeeper-gate Uploaded PDF of Whitman-supplied documentation, need Allred’s “handwritten note”Done.

21.) Pull-tabs essayDone.

22.) Indian healthcare – “if you’re going to get sick on the reservation, do it before June 30th” because that’s when the money runs out…


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