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October 9, 2010

Lou Dobbs American Hypocrite II

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Another comment to The Nation piece I just wrote about…

Wow, the ignorance on this topic is astounding!

First off, ‘Latino’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ are not interchangeable.

Secondly, having all ‘Latinos’ (i assume you meant ‘illegals’) walk off the job for two weeks? Really? What will they live on for those two weeks? I suspect most live hand-to-mouth existences, and don’t have a two week supply of food and cash to meet their obligations.

Third, were all ‘illegals’ to not work for two weeks, those jobs would either be eliminated or replaced, leaving US with millions of unemployed, undocumented, illegal workers in America. Any chance, as their desperation kicks in, the crime rate will go up?

This attack on Lou Dobbs, along with the Meg Whitman piece are most likely going to result in fewer opportunities for latinos (legal and illegal), since the argument immigration reform advocates are putting forward is teaching every employer that a valid, state-issued driver’s license and federal Social Security card are not proof of citizenship, then legal immigrants can’t prove their status.

And the knee-jerk reaction that Meg Whitman should have violated federal law and fired the woman working for her DESPITE the admonition from the Social Security Administration that the employer should take no action based on the notice Meg Whitman received, as stated on the letter Ms. Alred had blown up for her press conferences…

So employers can’t trust valid state & federal documents, and they need to act contrary to the law and terminate employees over minor paperwork issues? How does this line of logic help Latinos (or any other seemingly ‘foreign’ job candidate) secure employment?


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