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October 9, 2010

Lou Dobbs American Hypocrite

Filed under: media — Ken @ 5:27 pm

In response to an ‘investigation’ over at The Nation:

So, let me get this straight – it took you 12 months to cobble together a report on five illegal aliens that worked for subcontractors in two industries rife with undocumented workers (landscaping and horse care)? Seriously?

So the premise is that Dobbs hired contractors who when asked by Dobbs if they are hiring illegals lied and said NO, that Dobbs should have hired investigators to prove the claims?

The whole class-envy/warfare angle is cute too – that helps distract the reader from your very, very weak claim of ‘hypocrisy.’

It’s only counts if Lou Dobbs hands the money to the illegals directly – see, it’s the CONTRACTOR that hired the illegal workers.

I think the answer is zero tolerance for undocumented workers, and those that hire them. Employers would face stiff penalties, illegal workers get free bus rides back to their country of origin, with jail time for repeat offenders. They can bring their kids, spouse, expanded families as well. Anchor babies can go and be US citizens in their parent’s home country, able to return at any time, just like nag other citizen.


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