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October 9, 2010

Rick Sanchez is Calling

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Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez is on your phone, asking you what he should do… What do you tell him?

Here’s what I tell him:

1) get the list of your CNN twitter followers IMMEDIATELY

2) get list of faceboik followers IMMEDIATELY

3) secure a unique URL (Not ;^) and arrange for a free/low-cost WordPress Blog ASAP

4) get office space (month to month?) – you can’t work from home, nothing fancy, but get a couple computers, a secretary/admin/intern & tech guy and arrange high-speed Internet connection.

5) get the best, highest-res web cam you can, 720 or 1,080 HD and a nice backdrop (have your kids draw it?)

6) start blogging ASAP, 3-5 minute video pieces, several times a day

7) as you post new stories, send out twitter invites w/links to blog to former twitter/facebook followers/friends. As they respond, stop force-feeding them links – let normal twitter/facebook mechanisms take over

8) schedule two or three ‘web shows’, playing the last 24 hours of pieces, then interact with audience on piece they just watched (coveritlive is excellent for this)

9) build an audience

10) woo sponsors

11) ramp-up

12) decide if a news network really has something to offer you – do you want to bring new media to the networks, or do you want to lead by example…

What would you tell Rick to do?


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