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October 10, 2010

Anyone Know where Peggy Joseph Is Now?

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During the campaign of 2008, much was made of this video, where a woman believes that by putting (then) Senator Obama in the White House would take away all her other worries, including her worries about “putting gas in her car” or “paying for her mortgage” – has anyone followed p with Peggy Joseph to see how that “Hopey Changey” thing is working out for her and her gas/mortgage worries?

Probably not, and not because of some vast left-wing bias in new reporting (there is some, but I don’t think that factors into it in THIS case), no I think it’s because the mainstream media is too obsessed with looking forward, not with looking back. And while that may be understandable, it leaves the average American without a sense of what came before, sealing their destiny to repeat it…


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