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October 22, 2010

Chamber Funding and Ivory Soap

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Sorry, I’m gonna stop after this last one – promise… What? No, I did not have my fingers crossed when I wrote that… Stop trying to look at my fingers!

Anyway, this time a blogger went off on the corrupting influence of $885,000 claimed foreign dollars in a $75,000,000 ad buy campaign from a $200,000,000 organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy:

HEre’s a more interesting fact: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is alleged to take in the $885,000 from foreign interests all told, as reported by Think Progress (IIRC). The Chamber is running a $75,000,000 ad campaign, and has an annual budget of around $200,000,000. Even if you took every conceivable foreign dollar from every organization associated or affiliatedwith the Chamber, as Think Progress did, and applied every cent of it to the ads the Chamber is running, it barely tops 1% of the ad buy. That leaves 99% funded domesticly. Now, when you consider that the bulk of those foreign dollars were spent to provide actual services and conferences for the organizations that paid, let’s say just over 50% of it went to pay for this services, leaving, say, half of one percent of the ad buy being paid for by foreign dollars… That leaves 99 and 44 one-hundredths of the ad buy funded domestically – as pure as Ivory Soap!


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