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December 5, 2010

Dealing with GOP

Filed under: Taxation — Ken @ 8:26 am

In response to an article over at I posted this comment, I thought I’d share it here also:

The problem the Dem are having is that the GOP has a vision, they have all gotten behind that vision, and they are able to use their minority status to thwart the will of the Dem majority. Their vision? That either every American keep their current tax rates (keeping nearly $4 Trillion in estimated tax revenue over the next ten year in the hands of the folks that earned it) or every American has their taxes revert to Clinton-era rates, and $4 Trillion in additional tax revenues are generated to help pay for the activities of the federal government for the next ten years.

Democrats are trying to win the votes of 98% of taxpayers by only increasing taxes on the other 2%, and when they can’t all agree on that, they tried to make it 99% vs 1% by making the threshold $1Million/year, and they couldn’t even get that to pass because they couldn’t peel off any GOP senators, and in fact lost 5 Dem Senators.


There is no path where-in the Dems get what they want, as long as the GOP sticks to their ‘all taxpayers created equal’ stance… Dems want the ‘they defended tax “cuts” for the wealthy’ sound bite for a later election, the GOP thinks it’s wrong to raise taxes on anyone during a recession. And, the GOP will give all Americans their current tax rates into the future come January, now that we know at least 5 Dem Senators support the GOP position.


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