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December 21, 2010

Tea Party

Filed under: Politics — Ken @ 12:54 pm

A friend posted a link to a cartoon he felt ‘nailed the Tea Party’ – I replied as follows:

Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already – it’s not about repeal of all taxes, it’s about stopping NEW taxes… Tea Party is distinct from libertarian views (yet in some cases they overlap), typically the Tea Party supporters are assigned every extreme libertarian position in an attempt to marginalize them.

I am not a Tea Party member, meaning I haven’t joined a local group, I haven’t chosen politicians based on Tea Party support, nor would I self-identify myself as a Tea Party member if asked – if I were asked I suppose I would admit that I tend not to support a particular candidate so much as I tend to dislike the other candidates more and actively work against them. I ‘support’ the candidate that insults my intelligence the least… In case you’re wondering. ;^)

Here’s the link to the cartoon


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