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December 23, 2010

Wrapping Paper

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Several years ago, maybe ten, my wife was busy wrapping presents for Christmas, and I asked her a simple question – “Who are those presents from?” She answered “From us.” “Oh,” I said, “and what about those presents in the closet?” “Santa. Why?” (Note for the kids out there, sometimes Santa stores presents at your house before Christmas, to save time)

“Nothing,” I said, “It’s just that they both have the same wrapping paper…”

My wife looked at me, thought for a second (obviously weighing her options), and stated “It doesn’t matter, he won’t notice.”

The next day, Christmas Day, mid-way through unwrapping his presents, my son looked up at his mom and announced “Mom, look, Santa & you have the same wrapping paper!”

My wife was laughing, but frustrated, and simply said “Huh, I didn’t even notice!”

That may have been one of my favorite Christmas moments, not because I was right and my wife was wrong (I’m positive she also thought our son might notice the wrapping paper, but weighed the harm against the effort of re-wrapping the presents and decided to not re-wrap half the presents), it was because on that day I knew my sone had the same eye for detail that I did.

It is always a blessing to see a little bit of yourself in your child…


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