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December 24, 2010

Arizona’s Immigration Law

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I’m watching an old TV show (old meaning from May, 2010), and they are talking about the Arizona Immigration Law – the following caught my eye:

“Authorities, whether federal, state, or municipal … are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country, before attending to any issues.”

How could any state in the union ever propose such draconian laws, denying people services simply because they can’t prove their legal status – shame on you Arizona.

Wait, what’s that you say – that isn’t the Arizona law? Let me ‘rewind’ the DVR… You’re right – that’s Mexico’s Immigration law – how weird!

Why look, Arizona has some amazingly harsh immigration policies in comparison to our own here in the United States, why does Mexico’s President say the following:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon denounced as “racial discrimination” an Arizona law giving state and local police the authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and vowed to use all means at his disposal to defend Mexican nationals against a law he called a “violation of human rights.”

Source: Washington Times, May 3rd, 2010

In addition, same Washington Times article also mentions:

The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.

Source: Washington Times, May 3rd, 2010

I don’t recall that narrative dominating the newscycle back in April-May of this past year, how strange – it was widely reported.


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