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December 24, 2010

Carats or Cookies?

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About 20 years ago, in an effort to woo a friends friend (Mary), I baked her some Toll House cookies from scratch. Little did I know that when she got the cookies she would declare them “The best cookies she ever had” and then limit her friends to one cookie each to confirm her assessment.

Time goes by, I marry my friend (Kim), and not a year goes by when she doesn’t ask/demand/beg/complain about my never making her a batch of cookies like the ones I baked for Mary…

So, I decided this year I would bake Kim some Toll House cookies from scratch as her Christmas Present. I usually give her something with a power cord, but I stopped doing that a few years ago, and I have no eye for jewelry, and clothing is something I would never buy without specific directions from her…

I think she’ll like the cookies – I didn’t try one, but my mom did, and she said they turned out very well (see the picture above). I’m pretty sure she knows what I did… I washed the dishes after baking, and when she unloaded the dishwasher I’m certain she saw the measuring spoons and cup, and later in the evening when she was setting the table she asked me where our other serving platter was. She simply accepted that I was “using it”.

So, ladies, answer this question – would you prefer Carats or Cookies?

Fellows, the recipie is on the side of Nestle’s Semi-sweet morsels, and on-line. Don’t wuss out and get the ready-to-bake cookies, the slice & bake tube of dough, and don’t get the tub of prepared dough – while all three have the same ingredients listed on the side, the tube & the tub are missing a vital ingredient, and if you don’t know what that ingredient is, well, I’m sure the Jewelry store at the mall still has a nice selection of reasonably-priced items.


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