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December 26, 2010

Topsey-Turvy FCC Regulation

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A dystopian counter-history if Gov’t had regulated internet from the start – an interesting piece in Slate magazine…

It is interesting to note FCC regulates broadcast TV, Radio and other services that use public airwaves, but not cable TV. With this latest ruling, they are supporting network bias on wireless ISPs (broadcasters) and regulating wired ISPs (like cable)… Rut Roh…

Here’s a link that helps explain the twisted logic the FCC employed to throw mobile users under the bus – the take-away? Because the Android OS is open, the mobile market is workig towards transparency… Read the full story here.

Don’t believe me, here’s the quote from the FCC’s Press Release:

Further, we recognize that there have been meaningful recent moves toward openness, including the introduction of open operating systems like Android. In addition, we anticipate soon seeing the effects on the market of the openness conditions we imposed on mobile providers that operate on upper 700 MHz C-Block spectrum, which includes Verizon Wireless, one of the largest mobile wireless carriers in the U.S.

In light of these considerations, we conclude it is appropriate to take measured steps at this time to
protect the openness of the Internet when accessed through mobile broadband

Source: FCC December 21st Press Release

Ruling & Order from FCC: Preserving the Free and Open Internet


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