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January 6, 2011

With their cell phones in hand…

Filed under: Human Interest — Ken @ 6:27 pm

A few days ago I wrote a short piece about one boy in Florida who risked his life and saved a family that was unaware of their house being on fire, well, tonight from the nation’s capital another story involving kids, but this time they didn’t do the right thing…

It seems a couple of kids (and apparently their friends) had nothing better to do, so they decided to pick on a lone grown-up, viciously attacking him for no other reason than either because they could get away with it OR they wanted to make a video (maybe both). While these two kids incomprehensibly went after Allen Heywood, several by-standers did little more than step back for a better shot and pulled out their camera phones – the rest simply either stepped back or walked away.

This attack occurred at L’Enfant Metro Station, and while you can possibly come up with reasons why folks on the platform didn’t want to get personally involved in this altercation, it seem no one on the platform could screw up enough courage to pick up one of the “emergency” intercoms located around the platform, inform the station master of the attack, or dial 911 on their cell phone and summon the police.

There is a great wrote-up of the actual attack over at – suffice to say that reading this account, and watching the video makes me think that something is terribly wrong with many of our kids today, and with adults as well, because too many adults stood by and watched this next viral video happen in front of their eye…

This isn’t the first time someone was attacked at L’Enfant Metro station:

Three people were taken into custody and four others were injured following a fight that involved some 70 people at the L’Enfant Plaza Metrorail station Friday night.

Source: “Massive brawl at L’Enfant Plaza Metro station leads to injuries, arrests” The Washington Examiner, dated August 8, 2010

If caught, I can think of no greater injustice than to try these “children” as juveniles…


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