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January 26, 2011

When the Wind Fails

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It seems over in Britain they have an aggressive goal for so-called “green energy” – they are working towards having as much as 30 percent of all electricity in Britain be “green” by the year 2020, but there is a small problem… They are relying heavily on wind power to help meet that 30% goal, and at best it has supplied as much as 8% of the total electricity in Britain, but sometimes, when the wind stops blowing, it produces as little as 0.2%. But fear not – the Brit’s have a plan, burn oil and coal!

In the last quarter ending December 23, wind turbines produced on average 8.6 per cent of our electricity, but the moment the latest bad weather arrived with snow and freezing temperatures, this figure fell to as low as 1.8 per cent.

The slack was immediately taken up by efficient, but dirty, coal-fired power stations and oil-fired plants.

So, Britain must build additional, brand-new oil and/or coal-burning power plants to pick up the slack OR prepare consumers for blackouts as the windmills fail to live up to their potential. It is estimated that the cost of the windmills and their requisite backup power generators will double the average household annual electric bill to 2,400 pounds in ten years.


The Daily Mail: Customers face huge bill for wind farms that don’t work in the cold


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