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January 27, 2011

733 Healthcare Waivers for 2011

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Over at the Department of Health and Human Services website they have a list of the 733 so-called mini-med healthcare plans that failed to meet the minimum coverage ceiling of $750,000 required on the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare plans that can not meet the minimum coverage amount without significant increases in premiums can apply for the waivers which are good for one year.

The waivers cover about 2.2 million individuals.

Keep in mind, when supporters of “ObamaCare” say that one of the benefits currently enjoyed by Americans is the removal of annual and lifetime benefit caps, they aren’t including these 2.2 million Americans that were “excused” from that benefit, simply because meeting the requirement would cause their coverage costs to skyrocket – something this administration has denied in the past, while granting 733 waivers because of the increases they denied would occur.

NOTE: The video above is from just over two months ago, back when the waiver list only included 111 organizations.


Department of Health and Human Services: Helping Americans Keep the Coverage They Have and Promoting Transparency

Washington Examiner: Examiner Editorial: Obamacare is even worse than critics thought Sebelius: Insurance increases unjustified Key Provisions of Health Reform that Take Effect Immediately


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