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February 20, 2011

The science is mixed

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I thought Polar Bears could swim?

Mark Hertsgaard, a self-described independent journalist and author, mis-represented himself as a reporter from The Politico (0:14 into the above video) and ambushed Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhofe late last week (raw footage above) regarding global climate change. Sen. Inhofe was cordial, responsive and presented his views with names and sources, as well as referencing his recent hearing on the topic.

Yet, when Mr. Hertsgaard got back to his lair, he posted this video:

Mr. Hertsgaard says that Sen. Inhofe claimed “his scientists know better” (0:29 into second video) – a claim not supported by anything in either his highly edited piece OR the raw footage provided above. (It’s a shame that Sen. Inhofe’s Press Office (the source of the raw footage above) has to monitor and record interactions with the press to keep them honest – remember when the role of the press was to keep politicians honest?)

Mr. Hertsgaard also made several claims about “every scientist,” “every scientific organization,” and “every political party” that are, quite simply, provably false.

In light of Climategate, and when confronted with mistakes in the IPCC report, Sen. Inhofe’s position of the science being mixed is considered by many to be a responsible position – he is discussing, considering and evaluating the evidence…

Why would Mr. Hertsgaard lie about his affiliation, make provably wrong statements, and mis-represent what a politician says – oh, that’s right, because Mr. Hertsgaard knows better what is true, and we should all listen to him. Oh, and buy his book.

[NOTE: Polar bears can swim, they have been known to swim over 62 miles.]


Mark Hertsgaard personal website and book

YouTube videos: Inhofe Takes on Global Warming Alarmist Attempted Ambush and GenerationHot takes on Global Warming Cranks and Senator Inhofe

Wikipedia: Climatic Research Unit email controversy

The Economist: Glaciers and the IPCC: Off-base camp

The New York Times: U.N. Panel’s Glacier Warning Is Criticized as Exaggerated and Skeptics Find Fault With U.N. Climate Panel Polar Bears


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  1. But wait, there’s more. We need to ask if the ‘ambusher’ can take what he dishes out. Please see: “Global Warming Alarmist ambushes Sen. Inhofe – can the alarmist withstand a congressional ambush on him?”

    Excerpt: “There is a bigger problem for Hertsgaard, when we reword a biblical phrase to say, ‘let he who is above reproach cast the first interrogation’. Enviro-activists like him have long made unsupportable accusations. What happens when the tables are turned, with hard scrutiny of those accusations? Hertsgaard unwittingly opens the door to a Pandora’s box of interrogation aimed at him and many others who have portrayed skeptic scientists as corrupted by big oil interests.”

    Comment by Russell C — March 1, 2011 @ 5:25 pm | Reply

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