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February 22, 2011

Mr. Moore’s ability to research in doubt

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In a tweet on twitter last night, Michael Moore, self-proclaimed advocate for the working man, said the following:

“From what I can tell, not a single elected national Democrat has come to Madison to support the workers. And Obama nearly silent.”

Well, this tweet has three distinct parts, let’s take them in reverse order:

“And Obama nearly silent.”

Provably false. He’s mobilized the DNC, his “Organizing for America” group and done an interview with a Madison, WI TV station WTMJ (2:40 into video). Today the Wall Street Journal provides a nice timeline of the President’s involvement:

On Feb. 13, just the other side of the news cycle, a post on “Organizing for America,” the website for the president’s campaign arm, urged progressives to protest a proposal from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to reform public-employee benefits and limit collective-bargaining rights. The message, from Organizing for America’s regional director for Wisconsin, began this way: “We’ve got a fight on our hands and it’s personal.”

The next day dozens of angry protesters marched in front of the home of Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard, a Walker supporter. The head of the local teachers union said this: “We want him to know we have our eyes on him.” In neighboring Kenosha, Joe Kiriaki, the executive director of the Kenosha Education Association, joined protesters at the home of state Rep. Samantha Kerkman and confronted her parents when they drove down the street. Mr. Kiriaki noted that Ms. Kerkman lives in a 3,300 square-foot house worth more than $400,000. “I don’t think she’s feeling too much pain,” he quipped. [Link to Organizing For America| added]

ABC’s John Karl commented that President Obama offered ‘Quicker’ more ‘More Forceful’ Denouncement of WI Governor than Mubarak (4:30 into video)

“The President was quicker and more forceful of his denouncement of Gov. Scott Walker than he was of denouncing Hosni Mubarak,” [ABC Senior Political Correspondent Jon] Karl said. “Madison, Wisconsin – the state of Wisconsin — this is arguably ground zero for the 2012 presidential campaign. Look, this is a state if President Obama loses, he’s almost certainly going to not win re-election,” Karl explained.

So, Obama’s “silence” discredited, let’s progress to the next piece of the tweet:

“Not a single elected National Democrat has come to Madison to support the workers.

Quite simply, if the locally elected Democrats have fled the state, why would you expect national Democrats to come to the state?

And finally, the last piece of the tweet:

“From what I can tell”

I contend you haven’t even tried, I propose my evidence to the contrary, assembled in under an hour, disproved both assertions in your tweet, and causes me to conclude you are either ignorant on this topic or are willfully mis-representing the situation.

Mr. Moore, I don’t think you are ignorant…


Michael Moore’s twitter tweet on February 21st, 2011 DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests

Brad Woodhouse’s twitter tweet on February 17th, 2011

Wall Street Journal: Stephen Hayes: So Much for a ‘More Civil’ Public Discourse

Organizing for America| Fight for Our State Workers

WTMJ-TV: RAW VIDEO: Charles Benson Sits Down With President Obama

ABC News This Week: Powerhouse Roundtable: Obama Quicker Denouncing Gov. Walker than Mubarak

Los Angeles Times: Wisconsin protests: Lawmakers flee state to block passage of anti-union bill


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