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February 22, 2011

Seattle’s Finest

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Take a look at the quote below, it is from an interview with a waitress in a Seattle area coffee shop.

“Their kind aren’t welcomed in our establishment.

A large majority of our customers — over 90 percent — agree with our stance and stand by our decision.

We even have the police on our side and they have helped us escort [THEM] out of our cafe. Until [THEM] start treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve, then things will change for them in the private sector.”


That exact quote, with the word [THEM] replaced with “blacks” would be right at home in the segregated south up until the 1950s or 1960s. So who does this waitress – and over 90 percent of her customers – feel it’s OK to deny service to? TSA Agents.

It is sort of surprising that the close-minded folks in this Seattle coffee shop can’t separate the person from the job – you remember, “support the troops, not the war”? Well, maybe it isn’t so surprising. Just this past week a disabled veteran (and fellow student) was taunted, ridiculed, and heckled when he spoke on the campus of Columbia University in New York City.

On the other side of the aisle, there was the Urologist that indicated his preference to not treat supporters of so-called ObamaCare – I remember the cries from the Left over that small protest – difference was, the doctor didn’t refuse to treat anyone, he simply said

“If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

He never refused to treat anyone (as he said, “That would be unethical.”), he simply put his opinion out on display for his patients to be aware of…

Sources: This Exists: Seattle Restaurant Now Refusing To Serve TSA Agents

Huffington Post: ROTC at Columbia University: Regarding the Heckling of a Veteran

Orlando Sentinel: Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care


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