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March 3, 2011

Oh, That’s How They Calculate ‘Jobs Created’

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Over in the Los Angeles Times they have a report on the city’s Department of Water and Power and its slow pace of spending the money it was awarded under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but rather than launch into a bevy of comments about the definition of “shovel-ready” I wanted to point out this little gem I found in the article:

The controller also found inconsistencies with stimulus job counts, as she has in other city departments. There was considerable confusion about how jobs should be counted early in the program and federal officials ultimately changed the guidelines — recovery act jobs are now based on totaling up the number of hours employees work on a stimulus project.

Greuel’s report said DWP officials initially counted the jobs created on the city’s Smart Grid Demonstration Project, a joint effort with several area universities, based on estimates instead of hours worked. Utility officials told Greuel they had addressed that problem by the second quarter of 2010, and have corrected other issues mentioned in the audit. [emphasis added]

If you’re interested in how the LA DWP is doing burning its way through the more than $100 million dollars in federal stimulus monies (they’ve spent about $39.5 million by the end of January), by all means click-through to the article, but what I’m still waiting on is a definition of how they are calculating the “total number of jobs saved on an ARRA-funded project…


Los Angeles Times: DWP slow to spend federal stimulus money, L.A. controller finds [Updated] 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Daily Caller: Gibbs addresses president’s comment on ’shovel-ready’ jobs

Ken’s Project Blog: Saved Jobs


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