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March 9, 2011

Cowboy Poetry Festival

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Apparently, Senator Harry Reid thinks the only way a Cowboy Poetry Festival can happen in Elk, Nevada is if the Federal Government subsidises it. You may be asking yourself “Why do we need the Cowboy Poetry Festival?” Well, it seems it creates jobs (though I doubt it creates many year-round, support a family of four kinda jobs we’d all like to see created).

As Senator Reid concedes in his own comments above, tens of thousands of people attend this festival – I’m sure the organizers of the festival can think of some way of replacing lost government dollars with some private sector funding, you know from the restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. that see increased business when the festival occurs.

Literally hundreds of thousands of “festivals” occur each year without funding from the federal government – why is this festival so special that it deserves (even partial) federal taxpayer funding?

Watch the following video and see if you can think of any way to help these poor cowboy poets fund their festival:

For more information on the annual festival, here’s a nice write-up from The Guardian.

YouTube videos: Harry Reid Cowboy Poetry and National Cowboy Poetry Gathering 2011

Western Folklife Center: National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The Guardian: Nevada’s cult of the cowboy


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  1. I lived in Elko, NV for 6 years. The Cowboy Poetry Festival is a huge event and is a lot of fun to attend.

    I’m sure that the amount of money that the casinos make from the folk visiting this festival is large enough that they will not let the event fail. Stop federal funding and let the casino owners foot the bill.

    Comment by Mark McIntyre — March 9, 2011 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

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