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March 27, 2011

Pity the Poor Pool Reporter

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The Hold Room for Mr. Powell at Alan Ginsberg's House

Over at the ABC News Blog Political Punch Jake Tapper has a report on the way a pool reporter was treated at a Democratic fundraiser attended by Vice President Joe Biden.

The Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was sequestered in a storage closet (see right) for just over an hour until the VP arrived, and was held again after the VP’s motorcade had left the property. Mr. Powers tried to leave the room several times before the VP arrived, but was instructed to stay in the closet until the VP arrived. He was provided with a table & chair so he could work while he waited in the closet.

At the ABC Political Punch page, some of the commenters said this was normal treatment of pool reporters at events like this (fundraiser at a private residence) – I don’t think this is standard practice, but I think Jake is too polite to call it out directly.

Jake has been on the white house press pool for a few years now, Mr. Powers is an experienced reporter as well – they thought it noteworthy/unusual – I trust their judgement on this.

The reporter tried to leave the room, but was kept in it by someone ‘watching the door.’ If this was SOP, why did Mr. Powers think he could leave?

Finally, if this was SOP for the VP press pool reporters, why would Team Biden feel the need for apologizing? Why would they make efforts to assure Mr. Powers that ‘they have taken steps to ensure this never happens again’?

No, this was unusual & noteworthy – it’s no where near a crime as some asserted, but it reveals a mindset that Team Biden have with regard to the press.

It now seems the reporter will be on Good Morning America on Monday, March 28th (tomorrow), based on his latest blog posting at the Orlando Sentinel Political Pulse blog.


ABC News Political Punch: Biden Team Apologizes to Reporter for Sticking Him In Closet

Orlando Sentinel Political Pulse: Waiting for Joe and Bill and How my wait in a closet almost brought down the White House


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