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July 22, 2011

Laura Ingraham on ‘Shared Sacrifice’

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From the above video:

Laura: Taxing the upper 1 or 2% income earners in this country does not get us to the math. We have to shrink government – putting more burdens on the people that actually create jobs – hey, like NBC – we don’t need to do that.

Matt: I think everybody agrees that there’s gotta be some changes in that side, the Gallup…

Laura: Matt, when Washington starts sacrificing instead of actually increasing the salaries of individuals within the Executive Offices of the Presidency – when they start sacrificing then we can talk about the real meaning of sacrifice to the American people.

Matt: Recent Gallup poll said that only 20% of Americans think that spending cuts are the only thing that should be on the table when they talk about this, so they are talking about increasing revenues… They are talking about raising taxes on the 1%, on corporations, even the corporate jets which is only a few hundred million…

Laura: That was a scam, and that was a lie – the fact that the media allowed him to get away with that for five seconds was absurd…

That recent Gallup poll point has tripped up a few commentators, the way they accomplish that staggering 80% “want tax increases” number is a bit misleading (not inaccurate, but they lump several responses to get to that number):

Using their same math, I could argue that 96% of Americans want spending cut, that would be just as accurate.

What I feel the above poll indicates is three groups of individuals – those who think most/all savings should come from spending cuts, those who think it should be equally split between spending cuts and tax increases, and those who think it should be most/all tax increases, which breaks out this way:

  • Mostly/Only with spending cuts – 50%
  • Equally with spending cuts and tax increases – 32%
  • Mostly/Only with tax increases – 11%

The resounding, clear mandate from the American people suddenly isn’t so clear or resounding.

Sources: Laura Ingraham exposes Obama’s ‘Shared Sacrifice’ Lie Laura Ingraham Exposes Obama’s ‘Shared Sacrifice’ Lie Did Obama lie about White House salaries in Twitter town hall? On Deficit, Americans Prefer Spending Cuts; Open to Tax Hikes


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  1. Some polls show Americans want to cut spending but they dont want to raise taxes. What a congressman who pledges to increase the debt limit only if a spending-limit amendment passes is really saying is that he opposes increasing the debt limit. Because there is no way that two-thirds of Congress is going to pass this amendment now or ever..Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the CCB amendment is the casual way in which it attempts to enshrine specific spending levels and to freeze current taxes into the Constitution.

    Comment by hemp — August 15, 2011 @ 7:16 pm | Reply

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