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August 18, 2011

Broadcast News

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A friend recently decided to point out a mistake that Fox News made playing a tape of Ron Paul at CPAC from 2010 instead of from 2011, so it got me thinking, I bet every network has its share of mistakes, so I’ll share a few here:

Who was it that rigged pick-up trucks to explode to demonstrate how easy it is for a Chevy pick-up to explode when you stuff explosives in the gas tank?

Oh yeah, NBC in 1993

Who rigged an Audi to unexpectedly accelerate when you blew compressed air into a sealed transmission?

Oh yeah, CBS in 1986

Who rigged a Toyota Avalon with a short-circuit to cause unintended acceleration?

Why ABC in 2010

Who used Actors to Demonstrate imaginary ‘Racism’ Surrounding AZ Immigration Law?

Why, ABC in 2011

Which newspaper had a reporter that made up stories either out of whole cloth OR plagiarized them from other papers?

Why, The New York Times

What are your favorite “fake” news stories?

And in case you ever wanted to get in on the act and create your own “fake news,” here’s a website for just that purpose – The The Newspaper Clipping Generator” at (see example at right).


Wikipedia: Dateline NBC, GM vs. NBC, 60 Minutes, Unintended Acceleration entries Video: Smoking Gun? ABC News expert recreates sudden acceleration without CPU error code *UPDATED w/Toyota response

The Blaze: ABC News Uses Actors to Demonstrate ‘Racism’ Surrounding AZ Immigration Law The Jayson Blair Project The Newspaper Clipping Generator


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  1. Today in History-November 17 NBC rigged truck explosion Nixon not a crook – 76.

    Comment by hemp — August 20, 2011 @ 9:24 am | Reply

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