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August 30, 2011

This heat is driving me crazy – literally

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An organization known as The Climate Institute has released a report wherein they conclude that climate change will lead to a marked increase in mental health issues.

The Climate Institute video (above) considers two events they consider “severe weather events” as examples that have caused mental health issues – the Black Saturday bushfires that occurred around February 7, 2009 in Victoria, Australia, and the Queensland Floods of 2010-2011.

With the Queensland Floods a reasonable argument can be made that climate change might have contributed to the severity of the flooding (despite similar, if not as devastating, flooding that occurred in 1893 and 1974), but the Black Saturday brushfires had numerous non-climate change causes, like fallen power lines, arson, and several other causes. And like the Queensland Floods, the Black Saturday brushfires also had historical precedent – the similarly named Black Sunday brushfires, part of the 1925-1926 Victorian brushfire season. Having ignored similar historical events which pre-date man-made global warming, the authors of the report assert that these events are related to global warming and then arrive at the following dire conclusion:

Following a severe weather event, as many as 1 in 5 people will suffer the debilitating effects of extreme stress, emotional injury and despair


Apparently, this group thinks that they can convince those who dismiss the man-made global warming threat of global Armageddon by stressing the psychological and economic impact of severe weather events:

Scientists warn that a failure to reverse rising carbon pollution levels will see Australia’s inherently moody climate become even more volatile. With inaction or delay on pollution comes a sharp rise in the frequency, intensity and extent of heatwaves, bushfires and drought, as well as more torrential downpours, and tropical storms with increasing ferocity.

The damage caused by a changing climate is not just physical. Recent experience shows extreme weather events also pose a serious risk to public health, including mental health and community wellbeing, with serious flow-on consequences for the economy and wider society.

Source: Report Summary

So not only will man-made global warming doom all life on this planet, it will hurt the economy AND increase mental health issues…

Sources: A Climate of Suffering: The Real Costs of Living with Inaction on Climate Change

website: The Climate Institute report – A Climate of Suffering: The Real Costs of Living with Inaction on Climate Change Black Saturday bushfires, 2010-2011 Queesnland Floods, 1893 Brisbane Flood, 1974 Brisbane Flood Global warming is ‘irreversible’


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