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September 4, 2011

Job Creation Yardstick

Filed under: In The News,Politics — Ken @ 10:46 am

Later this week, the President will present some of his collected ideas to create jobs and try and get this economy growing… With each proposal, I want you to compare each of the President’s proposals to this simple question:

What does this proposal do to encourage private sector job creation?

At this point, we can easily predict a few proposals the President will make:

Invest in ‘Green’ jobs

Eliminate special corporate tax loopholes (described as ‘Millionaires, Billionaires, Corporate Jet owners, and Oil Companies’)

Invest in infrastructure

Invest in education (schools, teachers, student loans)

Extend unemployment benefits

Payroll tax cuts

I contend that while some of these investments are good, in some cases needed, it is a sad truth that few of the above will inspire private-sector employers to increase their payrolls and increase investments in their businesses, and without those investments, without those added employees, our budget will not, can not grow.


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