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September 7, 2011

According to a 10 year-old…

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Back in June, Lawrence O’Donnell and a Democratic Congressman discussed the possible illegality of Sarah Palin’s Sarah PAC “One Nation” bus tour and, amazingly, bemoaning the reality that “celebrities” and politicians get offered benefits at National Parks (special tours, off-hour admission to the parks, etc.) that “ordinary Americans” don’t get.

Mr. O’Donnell and the Representative based their “investigation” of these supposed wrong-doings on the “special wisdom” of a 10 year-old (non-Latina) girl named Piper Palin who, at one point refered to the bus tour as a vacation. Based on that revelation, Mr. O’Donnell proceeded to declare the tour illegal, because it was funded by Ms. Palin’s Sarah PAC… Is it inconceivable to Mr. O’Donnell that this was a fundraising tour for Sarah PAC, the opinions of a ten year-old not withstanding? Is it legal or illegal for Political Action Committees to underwrite fundraisers?

Besides, they missed the truly abhorrent element of her tour – her use of the U.S. Flag on the side of her bus! (I guess Martin Bashir never saw then-Candidate Senator Obama’s Campaign Tour Bus or Campaign Logo – which are equally as Red, White and Blue and also equally not actual flags or depictions thereof… Just like Sarah Palin’s bus.)

Sources: O’Donnell and Dem Rep Attack Palin Based On 10 Year Old Piper Plain Saying She Was On Vacation Sotomayor: Wise Latina Woman Joke ‘Fell Flat’ Sarah Palin’s Official PAC Is Sarah Palin’s bus tour really illegal?


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