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October 12, 2011

Book Review: OneNote 2010 Quick & Easy

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If you are reading this review, you most likely fall into one of two camps – either you are fan of Microsoft OneNote 2010 and use it on a regular basis, or you are more likely one of the countless millions of Microsoft Office users that have installed, but never used, OneNote 2010 along with the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite – this book, Microsoft OneNote 2010 Plain & Simple
is aimed squarely at both groups.

For those who have occasionally worked with OneNote 2010, there is typically a sense that you are only scratching the surface of it’s capabilities – this book will expose you to all the significant features of the product in a quick, “Let me show you how to do that” manner that I find very useful. Those with a bit more experience with the product will find new ways to accomplish tasks, and find useful introductions to features in the product you might not be aware of.

If you are new to OneNote 2010 this book provides a great overview of the many ways you can use OneNote 2010 to collect and organize your notes and research items. OneNote 2010 is tightly integrated into all the other Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), and once you get a handle on working with OneNote 2010 you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it.

There are a few notable chapters that really stand out in my opinion – the chapters on using the research tools included with OneNote 2010 (such as the dictionary, thesauruses, and translation tools), on sharing OneNote 2010 with others co-authors, and on working with the Office Web App version of OneNote 2010. What I didn’t find coverage of was the iPad OneNote “app” Microsoft has made available – but I’m not certain this “app” is anything more than a proof of concept exercise, rather than a fully supported Microsoft offering, so it’s omission may have been for good reason. Failing to include coverage of this “app” doesn’t detract from the book in anyway.

As I understand it, OneNote was developed originally as an in-house project for Microsoft employees, and once it gained widespread use inside Microsoft it was included in the Office Suite, but finding any books that cover this program has typically been challenging. With the release of Microsoft OneNote 2010 Plain & Simple you now have a great resource available to you.

The author Peter Weverka previously authored a book on OneNote 2003, and his latest effort builds on his knowledge and experience with the product over the years – I found this book to be very accessible, comprehensive, and well-written. Highly recommended for anyone either just starting out with OpenNote 2010 or for those hoping to learn more about it.


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