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October 15, 2011

Round the World – Preface

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It seems almost unnecessary to say that “Round the World,” like “An American
Four-in-Hand in Britain,” was originally printed for private circulation. My
publishers having asked permission to give it to the public, I have been induced to
undertake the slight revision, and to make some additions necessary to fit the
original for general circulation, not so much by the favorable reception accorded to
the “Four-in-Hand” in England as well as in America, nor even by the flattering
words of the critics who have dealt so kindly with it, but chiefly because of many
valued letters which entire strangers have been so extremely good as to take the
trouble to write to me, and which indeed are still coming almost daily. Some of
these are from invalids who thank me for making the days during which they read the
book pass more brightly than before. Can any knowledge be sweeter to one than this?
These letters are precious to me, and it is their writers who are mainly responsible
for this second volume, especially since some who have thus written have asked where
it could be obtained and I have no copies to send to them, which it would have given
me a rare pleasure to be able to do.

I hope they will like it as they did the other. Some friends consider it better;
others prefer the “Four-in-Hand.” I think them different. While coaching I was more
joyously happy; during the journey round the World I was gaining more knowledge; but
if my readers like me half as well in the latter as in the former mood, I shall have
only too much cause to subscribe myself with sincere thanks,

Most gratefully,


“Think on thy friends when thou haply see’st
Some rare, noteworthy object in thy travels,
Wish them partakers of thy happiness.”

The above is an excerpt from Andrew Carnegie’s book “Round the World,” published in 1880, documenting his around-the-world journey. I am posting the daily updates on the 143rd anniversary of their entry date.


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