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This website, this blog, is a short-term exercise to gain some public experience in crafting a site similar (but not the same as) The Blaze. I intend to cover national news stories, as well as human interest and technology topics as sourced from websites like Drudge Report, Slashdot, Wired, and others. Without a pre-planned bias (though I’m certain one will evolve, either intentionally or accidentally), the range of topics will be diverse.

Below is a short Biography I wrote back in June of 2010 as a way of introducing myself to to a senior executive at Fox News I had “won” a “long lunch” with at a charity auction. I think it provides a 5,000 foot view of my career to date, and is also related to this site on some level:

Ken Hansen
Short Biography
June 15th, 2010

In the summer of 1974 I earned an award for being the top Radio Producer at WLCR in West Virginia. I was 10 years old at the time, but since this was an AM Carrier Current station at a summer camp called Shaw-mi-del-eca. Having received the ultimate award given by the radio station staff I went on and concerned myself with various other interests, typically involving electronics, but focusing on computers. I started programming on a timeshare terminal in 1976, and soon found myself heavily involved in the emerging personal computer field, working on TRS-80 computers and reading all the trade journals and magazines I could get my hands on.

As I grew up, I attended a series of colleges, ultimately earning a Humanities degree, focusing on American Literature and Computer Animation. When I entered the work force I worked almost exclusively in the computer field for almost twenty years, earning my keep as an operator, programmer/analyst, software tester, support technician, consultant and software salesman. At one point in my career, I lead a group of between 8 and 10 software testers.

Ten years ago, while managing the group of software testers I started a graduate school program working towards a Master’s degree in Internet Engineering – that degree remains incomplete while I seek out internship opportunities to complete my capstone project requirement (akin to a research project or thesis).

About four years ago I left the computer field when the start-up I was involved in moved out of state, and turned my attention to the local school board and district. Fascinated by what I saw, but frustrated by the district’s inability to clearly communicate the reasons for their actions I decided to run for the local school board. While I lost the election (placing fourth out of five candidates seeking to fill two positions), I earned more votes than I had documented friends so I choose to consider that a “win” (of sorts).

My interest in the local school district grew, and I soon found myself working part-time in their IT department and have remained there for the last two and a half years.

I became politically active (my “piviot point,” if you will) when then-President Clinton lied under oath in a deposition and the country split into three distinct groups, those who couldn’t have cared less, those who felt passionately that it was O.K. because he only lied about a sexual matter, and those who felt that it was criminal to lie under oath for anyone, not just the president. I fell in the last category.

My current interest is in the field of broadcast journalism – and that brings me to you, by way of the Glenn Beck 828 Project/Special Operations Warriors Auction. It is my sincere hope that after we meet, get to know each other, and take some time to discuss a few of my ideas that you might be able to help arrive a plan for taking my thoughts and ideas to the next level.


Camp Shaw-mi-del-eca:


2007 School Board Campaign Blog:


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